Free Zone

Libertad Free Zone (Lideral SA) is a completely private venture, located at Kilometer 49,National Route No. 1. Operational leader in the Free Zone, located 30 minutes from the Port of Montevideo and on the axis road between San Pablo, Buenos Aires,natural way to connect with Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay.

Its operational structure is based on a business park, industrial and services, which include, container yard, vehicles yard, road machinery yard, special ramps, storage for various kinds of general merchandise, refrigerated warehouses, and all essential services for a quick and efficient logistics.

Free Zone has as one of its fundamental advantages of its STRATEGIC LOCATION, just 30 minutes from the Port of Montevideo allows logistics agile, highly competitive cost inminimum time.

What is a Free Trading Zone.

FTZ users benefit from a correct handling of the FTZ Law (Law 15921) and an unsurpassable policy and counseling of FTZ Libertad. Here are some important aspects of law 15921:

National total tax exemption

FTZ users (direct or indirect) are free from all taxes, either created or to be created. This exemptions include mainly IRIC (Industry and Commerce Rent Tax), Patrimony, IVA, Tax assets of Banks, Imesi.

Total tax relief goods

he goods are exempt from all taxes while they are stored in the FTZ. Also, both the introduction and exit of goods, merchandise, raw materials or finished products, whatever their origin are exempt from taxation.

Absolute freedom forex management

Uruguayan law enshrines the total free foreign exchange. The cancellation of negotiations import / export / transit, can be done in any currency, there being no kind of registration or establishment of guarantee

Certificates of deposit

Goods deposited as collateral through the issuance of certificates of deposit and / or endorsed by Lideral sa warrants and the Uruguayan state.